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The time I got Nocitced by spike Lee on Instagram 

Self-portrait Photography 

Our task for this project was to recreate a film still from a movie or TV show and to understand the concept of mise-en-scene. I believe that my completed project was a good outcome for my initial idea. For this unit I started doing a blog, My ongoing blog allowed me to reflect on my work and the plan I am. Really proud of my work my initial idea I wanted to recreate film stills from a TV show that I actually liked. The still that I chose is from the TV show Dear White People.  Most of the TV shows that I watch are about the black experience and they feature black people which is why one of the reasons why I choose the film stills that I wanted to recreate because I can identify with the characters.


 At first, this is one of the reasons why I struggled because most of my peers used each other as models and I didn’t have that option because I am the only black woman in my class. I decided to use myself as a model At first, the idea of using myself as a model was quite daunting but I actually liked the experiences of modeling.  I can be camera shy which meant that but I wanted to step out of my comfort zones and try something new and different I ended up making two photos and I had a lot of fun doing it .


Spike Lee liked my photo on Instagram 


The actress Ashley Blaine Featherson interacted with me on Instagram 

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