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What I eat in a day as a university student

As a university student eating healthy food or eating in general everyday could be hard. With lectures seminars, zoom , blackboard meetings cooking everyday can be a lot for one to take in. When it comes to food I try to maintain a balance of being healthy and eating something I enjoy but don’t track my calories or proteins intake. I obviously I don’t eat the same thing everyday but here is my blog post for what I ate today/ what I ate in a day.


Breakfast Is my favourite meal of the day, as an early bird I genuinely wake up feeling excited for what is about to come. Eating breakfast is essential for a positive start to the day because it is hard for me to focus on a lecture when I am thinking about lunch . For breakfast I like to keep light but filling sometimes I eat cereal oatmeal with fruit but today I was craving crepes .I also enjoy drinking something hot from coffee, tea , lemon tea, herbal tea , really depends on the day today I am drinking tea with some biscuits on the side .


Lunch is a little bit all over the place for me sometimes I eat something hot sometimes I eat something cold. It really does depend on I how I feel. I don’t know about you but after a full morning of lecture I don’t have the time or energy to cook so I like to keep it simple with a smoothie or a I’ve salad been LOVING salads. I put everything in them. Tuna Sweet potato, rice, chicken, fruits, you name it, it’s in there! or sometimes I eat left over from the night before but today I made a fajitas with chips .


For dinner I enjoy large filling meals with meat carbs and proteins sometimes I eat pasta , rice dishes since I am university student I enjoy eating food that I quick simple to make and clean up so one pot dishes are my go to tonight I had salmon , rice , and salad on the side .


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