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The power of Dr Martens

I had been eyeing Dr Marten boots for probably a year when I finally decided to purchase them, I kept seeing my favourite influencers wear them and I finally gave in. I actually never owned a pair of Dr Martens before recently acquiring my own Jadons dr marten, and they have quickly skyrocketed to a top spot on my list of favourite shoes.

First, they’re cool to look at, and I won’t lie: I enjoy the many compliments I get any time I wear them. As a university student, I am constantly walking around campus running to and from lectures I can say that they’re extremely comfortable and durable and even give you some extra height thanks to the platform lug soles, which I think are actually the key to why they’re so attractive.

Dr Martens boots are some of the most instantly-recognisable footwear styles, everywhere I go I see someones rocking a pair of dr martens dr martens are most famous for their chunky boots with their infamous yellow stitching on the side. Dr. Martens is one of those great British brands that conjure up images of youth, rebellion and a unique sense of style. The iconic Dr. Martens boots have been around since the early 1950s, when British family shoe company R. Griggs Group Ltd bought the right to manufacture a previously-unseen design created by German army doctor Klaus Märtens. The boots soon took off, worn by the working classes, then punks, and almost every subculture that has come after them.

Dr marten boots may look a bit intimidating at first however from personal experiences they are very versatile and go with literally everything. you can wear them with skirts, dresses and shorts they instantly give any outfit a go with literally everything,

If you are thinking about buying a pair just do it

I have to admit I did do a double-take when I saw the price they typically range from about £170-£200 as a student that is a lot of money for a pair of shoes.

Before I bought them I was thinking about getting a dupe however dr martens ware so iconic I couldn't resist but to buy the real thing and I am so glad that I did. I bought my shoes from ASOS for £150 with a student discount code.

Are they expensive yes? Overpriced no these just aren't any shoes they are Dr Martens. Check out this video to find out why they are so expensive.


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