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Night time routine

Hello and welcome back to my blog, in my last blog post I spoke about my morning routine in this blog post I will be speaking about my evening routine. We all remember those days as a child right when we had to being in bed by 8 Well my evening/bedtime routine has obviously changed a lot since then. I think having a routine for the daytime and night-time is important as structure is necessary for a good night of sleep.

Step 1 : Planning for tomorrow

Planning for tomorrow is an essential part of my evening routine. Planning in general means less stress on the day.

Planning for tomorrow may include…

· Laying out clothes

· Recharging devices

· Preparing my backpack

· Meal prep

Step 2: Studying

Studying Is whether you like it or not is a fundamental part of most students’ lives. I personally prefer to study in the evening getting my work done in the evening will free up my schedule for the next day.

· Studying productively means

· Putting away any distractions

· Having supplies i.e ( pens , paper )

· Make a to do lists

Step 3 : Sleeping at a regular time

Having a bedtime can sound quite childish however sleep is fundamental to successful learning and your overall health. I try to get 6 hours of sleep a day, everyone is different some people need more and some people need less but we all need it .

Step 4: self-care

Regardless of where you are in life taking care your self is important Self-care is the foundation for a happy life and better wellbeing.

Have a skin care routine – taking care of your skin is very important so if you haven’t thought about then you should start now .

Vitamins - whether or not you choose to take vitamins is completely up to you if you like you are lacking something however if you don’t know what you are lacking I recommend taking a blood test to find out.

Drinking tea – something about drinking tea that just sets the mood.

Lighting Candles – Depending on your room you may or may not be able to do this .

Reading – Although I don’t read as much I want to start I remember that fulling feeling of finding a good book as a kid.


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