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Hello and welcome to my blog/website before we really get started, I want to take a moment to share information about me. Welcome to my online home. My name is Pelumi. I am in my twenties from the U.K with a Nigerian background. I am so beyond grateful that you landed on this little website and I cannot wait to show you all the has to offer. I would describe myself as outgoing, quick-witted and eccentric, anyone who knows me knows that I as eccentric as one can get, I am energetic and a full of life, life is meant for living after all. through this blog, I want to share my new experiences and places I travel to.

One may argue that blogging is an outdated profession especially in 2020 when we are in the era of tik tok. However, in my opinion, while there is some truth to that I think blogging is still something that is quite necessary for internet culture. Blogging is basically website and websites are never going to go out of style when you google something whether you're searching up a how-to guide or a recipe’s google will probably direct you to a blog that’s where I come in. I want to share glimpses of my everyday life and the ups and downs of my journey.

So, my blogging journey begins why now? why today? In all honesty, I do not know it just feels right. I have so many thoughts constantly swarming in my head. I have tabs opened in my mind all the time and I want to get them all down. My mission for this blog is to, create a safe place an, online diary where I can be unapologetically myself. I have no idea where this journey will lead me, but I am excited to start. What does your online presences look like?


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Hello and thankyou for stopping by my website my name is Pelumi and welcome to my blog 

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