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Monthly Wrap, Favorites, & Reviews: November

November started off on a good note. My goals were well outlined and I had a jump on a lot of the things I had planned for early 2020. While the month was still great, I closed it out stressing about my assignments and travelling home for Christmas ( cause of covid we had to come home in a staggered way .) I managed to stay consistent with my blog but I decided to post weekly on Wand Saturdays since those are my days off and so far I have been doing well. This post is going to be covering all my monthly favourites, a review of things I read and watched, and some other fun tidbits from the month of January. Let’s do it!

I've recently become very into Korean culture form k dramas to k pop and Korean food check out my blog post for more info .


This is by far my favourite breakfast when I am feeling super hungry in the morning. But, it has to be done right. I learned the hard way that you are not supposed to microwave croissants otherwise it will just end up being really hard tough and inedible, I normally eat my croissants with hot chocolate, tea, or coffee.

face steamer

if you read my skin blog then you would know how much I love my face steamer scientifically I know it probably doesn't do anything but I love it nevertheless .

Spin brush

Anotiher skin care related toool that i have been enjoying lately is a spin brush check out my skin care blog here .


this month I have been trying to grow my online social media presence by now we have probably all hear of tik tok . in the beginning I wanted to hate tik tok I really did but I discovered so many creative content creators .


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