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Life as a university student after the Corona virus

Are we paying for face time?

Life as a university student

If someone would have told me back in February, we would be in lockdown by March, because the world would go through a global pandemic and I would have to wear a mask every time I leave my house like batman, I would have called you insane. I never would have that COVID-19 could to take over our lives and affect almost everyone in the world. 2020 has been a wild year and I have to admit that. Life’s been like a little strange.

But since the lockdown began in March and slowly opening back up through the summer, I have been keeping myself busy. I handled lockdown by taking it day by day.If the pandemic taught me anything it showed me how lucky I was to have a supportive caring family to go through it with.

Over the summer I have been preparing for my move to university I am currently in my first year of university ( studying broadcast journalism ) Life on campus is comparable to a ghost town due to the virus all the gathering places in the accommodation like the game room and common room have been forbidden.

We have been recommended to wear a mask at all time ( unless we are in our rooms) it's hard to find like-minded people when we have a no guest allowed policy but the room looks so pretty I don't even mind.

( click here for a room tour ) I actually just completed my first week of lectures and I have to say Elle woods made university look a lot more interesting than it actually is. But I am keeping a positive mind set I joined a few societies but everything is online this year which means a little different. What is your back to school life currently looking like?


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