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Is university worth it anymore?

The following article reflects the writer’s own personal experiences and opinions.)

Written by Pelumi Kolawole.

Photo Credit: De Montfort University.

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With spring on the horizon and summer slowly approaching it is that time of year again where prospective students are thinking about university. The pandemic (COVID-19) has affected all our lives throughout 2020. In the pre-corona world paying to face time teacher and not being able to socialise due to social distance rules does not sound appealing or fun. The question that most students seem to be asking is, is university still worth it? This article will explore how other university students have been coping throughout lockdown.

For prospective students looking to start university in 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic has created a wealth of uncertainty. With so much doubt about how university life will be affected, it is normal if you have been having second thoughts. Trying to think about your options and choosing a university can lead to brain overload. So, what should you do?

Most universities currently have a mix of face-to-face lessons, and online learning called a “blended approach” with extra safety measure in place. When it comes to finances there has been no rebate or reduction regarding tuition and accommodation fees. It hardly seems fair that we must pay the full price of £9,250 a year when we are not getting the full experience. This can leave us university students with lots of overwhelming feelings.

Steven, a third-year student studying psychology, says:

“Covid has not made my last year in university a pleasurable experience it has caused all kind of social interactions to cease; as human beings, it is difficult because we are all social people.”

“It is also easier to learn in a formal setting like a library or a classroom, but online learning is disrupting that. I find that being in the same environment constantly can take its toll on you.”

Another first-year student, named Jalal says:

“The hardest part about university is the social aspect you cannot go around, talking to people like you did before it gets lonesome it has affected my fresher’s experiences because everyone is on edge, everything is closed.”

“As a former foundation student, I can tell you that the university is still worth it, but it is not as good as last year I must admit that the last few years have been and a little strange.”

It has been five months since I packed up most of my things and embarked on my university journey. University has been an eye-opening experience (cliché I know). It is crazy to think that this time last year, I was writing my statement, attending open days, and preparing for the roller coaster of life that is university. The only way to go about it is to do research, not panic and ask yourself if the pros out way the bad.


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