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Slyvia Ifoema speaking up about domestic violence changes the toxic culture that enables it

From surviving to thriving

By Pelumi Kolawole

Silvia Ifeoma is a 34 years old medical science student and mother of two, this is her brave story. At the young age of 18, she was married; she describes her ex-husband as ‘’inhumane.” Sylvia had her children at 24 and 25 years.

"I have dealt with the negative impact that it had on me. That initially, I found it hard to get to terms with why all those things happened to me and why he treated me the way that he did.”

Eventually, she contacted the Women’s Aid Charity.

''I got support from the Women’s Aid Charity, I stayed in a woman’s refuge for a couple of months before I got my accommodation.”

“I felt like I had to take control of my life and remind myself that my happiness is my responsibility.’’

The connection that Sylvia has with her faith helped her get through difficult times.

“God was at the centre of my life he told me I had to help others.”

Deep within herself, she knew she had to support and empower other domestic violence survivors.

“On the one hand, it is kind of scary because I have to deal with being judged by whoever reads this interview.”

“However, I had to put that aside and focus on the positive aspect of doing this interview.”

“It could encourage other women like me because I came out stronger despite what I have been through.”

Sylvia’s, story is courageous creating positive change she stands as a beacon of hope


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