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what 2020 has taught me

With the pandemic this year has definitely been a wild one. This has been quite the year, hasn’t it? I still do not even really know what happened. Covid-19 felt like a giant earthquake that affected the whole world overnight in slow motion, powerless we could nothing but react as, as it destroyed our way of life.

How are you feeling?

But as much as this past year has tested me, it is also given me the biggest opportunity self-reflection and growth. The girl who started 2020 and the one who is currently writing this post are in no way the same person. Looking back at the girl that I was at the beginning of the year is almost an odd thing to do because even though I can recognize her as myself, I see how different she is from who I am now.

This year has been a wild one I have had my ups and downs and I laughed and cried. I find it is easy to dwell on things did not go according to plan one could argue that this is only human nature to do so. While we reminisce on the bad it is important not to forget about the good things.

After a year that included so many life-changing moments, I wonder how the next will match up to its uniqueness? Moving to university, a new sibling, starting this blog - enough love and sunshine for years to come. So, I’m trying to be more present throughout 2020 and with hopes and wishes in mind for the next year.


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