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Have you tried Korean? Food if not what are waiting for?

A friendly conversation about k-pop and k-drama led to a Korean style restaurant. We originally wanted to go to Nandos however the queue was really long so we went to a different restaurant called Oppa instead and it certainly didn't disappoint. Oppa is a great place. The menu is long, with lots of variety, and if you're not familiar with Korean dishes (which we were not), the charming staff explain it to you and make recommendations based on the sort of thing you say you like.

Spent a few hours in this wonderful restaurant. It is small but the staff are extremely welcoming - especially the manager. Ordered the beef ramen noodles and it was fantastic.

First time I have had Korean food, really nice! and the staff so helpful and friendly. They were really attentive and professional, can't wait to go back. The staff are lovely and very welcoming, explaining the menu in full detail with some humour thrown in.


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