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Daily Skincare routine

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog in this post I will be speaking about my skincare routine. while I do consider myself a skincare junkie, I am not a specialist so take everything I do and say with a grain of salt. I try to do my skincare routine every night and every morning however sometimes I forget, or I am too tired to do it. I have to remind myself that I am human and it's ok. I have very dry skin like the Saharahara dessert. I typically have a good relationship with my skin I do suffer from the occasional breakout sometimes but it is nothing that I can not handle.

Step 1: Wash Face or cleanse

I typically start my skincare routine off by washing my face I think it is important to start my skincare off with a clean canvas because dirt and serums do not mix very well together. This year I completely stopped using makeup wipes, there are so many benefits to this I recently learned through watching skincare gurus that makeup wipes are extremely harmful to the environment. I do not why the idea of this never cross my mind before, but you know what they say now that I know better, I will do better.

the cleanser that I have been using recently is from a vegan brand called ‘’goodness’’.

goodness cleanser

I found this product while I was shopping at Tjmaxx. I was attracted to the smell yes it contains fragrance back then I had no idea that fragrance can cause irritation to the skin so because of that, I probably will not buy it again, and when this bottle finishes, I want to switch to CeraVe because I heard so many good things about that brand.

why fragrance is a bad idea...

Step 2: Serums

I know the idea of putting chemicals on your skin is a no, no but trust me it really does work. I typically use 2 serums I have tried a few but I keep going back to Niacinamide and Hyaluronic acid, these ingredients seem to agree with my skin. According to my research, they work

better together. so I normally start off by using Niacinamide and follow up with Hyaluronic acid,


Skin by hyram explained that Niacinimide is a form of vitamin B that reduces inflammation in the skin, helping to heal irritated skin, acne-prone skin, and hyperpigmentation,


Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid can help your skin look and feel more supple. Hyaluronic acid also helps Hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I normally buy my serums from the ordinary, The ordinary is a drug store skincare are online-based I normally buy their products from Asos or pretty little thing.

Step 4: oils and moisturizer

As I mentioned before my skin type is dry I do think that my moisture barrier has gotten better over the years however on a typical day my skin is quite dry so moisturizing is a step that I can't miss. I typically use rosehip oil or shea butter on my face. I recently found out that using essentials or natural ingredients on your skin is risky because of cross-contamination. Also, essentials and natural products do not have a long shelf life so you could be putting expired products on your skin and you would not even know.

Step 4: Sunscreen

since I live in the UK applying sunscreen does seem kind of redundant because we only see the sun once a year but just because we cannot see it does not mean it’s not there. So, I use this sunscreen from loreal.

Once a week: face steamer

once a week I also enjoy using a face mask or a peel mask. Recently I bought a face streamer that I fell in love with however I do not do it every day because it can strip the skin of its natural oils.

once a week: Exfoliating - sugar scrub

Once a week I like to exfoliate I recently learned about retinol so this is something that I would like to get into I typically use a face scrub. I hate to say it I really do but I used to use saint ivy apricot face scrub until I found the skincare side of YouTubIe and I stopped instantly. so instead of using a harsh scrub like i now use a sugar scrubs, Sugar scrubs are an exfoliating and hydrating body treatment that is a more gentle alternative to face scrubs.


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