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Take the risk, take a chance

I took part in a summer camp program as a teenager, and because I was so inspired by the program, I decided to work for them as a camp leader in subsequent years. I have never had as much fun or laughed as hard as I did during the summers that I worked at camp. Being a camp counsellor is a hard job! With great perks. New friends and great weather and being on residential are just some of the perks of the job.

The good the bad and the ugly

There are also the not-so-perky points, like the early morning wake-ups and terrible camp food However, the people you met the experiences you will have will make everything worth it . While I was on programme I had so much fun I met, and I bonded with so many different people who I became friends with for life.

They were there for the ultimate highs and lows whether it was almost drowning in canoes, rock climbing or dancing on tables tops. Working as a camp counsellor enabled me to give back to my community and gave me the opportunity to enhance a wide range of other skills, such as organisation skills, multitasking and time management.

The truth about working with teenagers

Being responsible for a group of people regardless of what age group they are is like instant motherhood-level responsibility. Personally, I worked teenagers the participants would come from a variety of cultural, economic, and social backgrounds.

At first, it was kind of intimidating but if you are feeling nervous or shy chances are other people around you are probably feeling the same way. especially for the first few days but once the ice is broken and everyone has been introduced there is no going back everyone you would be surprised by how quickly people can bond with each other of a few weeks .


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