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6 steps for the perfect dorm room

Your room is your sanctuary invest in it

Investing in your room is an investment with yourself. Your room regardless of who you are should be your sanctuary, a safe place. This past year has not been easy with the current state that most of the world is in. So having a small section of the world that feels familiar to you will make your life feel somewhat easier.

Finding Inspiration

When it comes to my room, I have spent a lot of time and looking at room décor online. Some of the obvious places to look for inspiration is Instagram, tik tok and YouTube however while they have amazing content don’t forget to stop by at Pinterest too. One of the best places to find any kind of inspiration is Pinterest, Pinterest is an app that is often overlooked when it comes to social media. But its literally designed to help one find motivation and inspiration Pinterest is oozing with aesthetically pleasing photos and mood boards for any kind niche.

Colour scheme

What does your colour palate say about you do you like pastels, neutrals, warm tones . Choosing the right colour palate is personal thing. Once you have chosen a colour scheme everything else will fall into place. The first thing that you notice about my room is the colour pink is my aesthetic from the pink vines to my bedroom adding a colour scheme to your room will make it look more cohesive and organised it will also make you feel more like at home.


bedding pillows is probably one of the easiest ways to introduce colour style and a personal touch to a room, without having to spend too much money. and if you are feeling fancy you can match your bedding to your pillows. This will instantly make your look more put together and organised You can also through in a plush blanket of your choice too.

Storage space

If you are living in a university room from my experience you will probably not have enough space for your things in room. Investing in storage space is a necessary step that will help make keep your room neat and tidy. It is easier to keep you room clean when everything has a designated space.


Depending on your room you may struggle with light a great way to implement light into your is with fairy lights they come in lot of different colours to too match your vibe too. And if you are feeling extra you can also get vines for your mirror and any other space that may benefit from it.

Lastly it is time talk about photos

Printing out photos for your room may sound like a hassle. But I promise it will help when you feel down and homesick. Also makes your room look personal and will make it feel like home. Depending on your tenancy agreement you can add art and motivational quotes to add personality and décor to your room.

Hello, everyone, happy Monday I hope everyone is having a perfect week so far, I’ve spent mine doing online lectures and not doing much else, to be honest. today I am going to share 4 steps for the perfect my morning routine.

Step 1 – prepare

The best thing anyone can do to have a good day is prepare for tomorrow and plan for the night before. How you prepare is completely up to you this could be through a to-do list or cresting a schedule. I always make sure to pack my bag and layout my clothes the night before. A new thing I have been doing is preparing my lunch the night before as well do not about know you but after a full morning of lectures cooking lunch can be struggling. Preparing for the day ahead just makes life a little bit easier.

Step – 2 Waking up on time

Do you ever notice how when you are running late everything seems to go wrong? Stress and time management seem to go hand in hand. Sometimes we genuinely can’t help being late to we are human after all. However, if running late consistently is your thing then you may want to work on your time management. waking up to the loud sound of an alarm clock may not be the most fun thing in world but is essential for a more productive day.

Step 3 - Drinking some water

This is something I have started doing recently. There have been studies that show that drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning has many benefits. It helps to rehydrate your body, wake you up and get you ready to start the day!

Step 4 - Breakfast

Eating breakfast is one of the best ways to start your day even if you do not feel hungry or have a big appetite. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For me not eating breakfast is a recipe for disaster, just makes me feel unenergetic and unmotivated for the day . Whether you a eat a cereal bar or a smoothie have breakfast .


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