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5 things I achieved in October

Hello friends and welcome back to my blog , wow I can’t believe we are already in November. Only three more months till the end of the year. Today is the first of November and I could not be more excited about it. October has been a life changing month for me, and I have achieved a lot. This month was crazy busy – this year just keeps on trucking along at the dang speed of light. In this blog post I will be speaking about 5 things I achieved this month.

Moving into university

Earlier this month I moved into university, moving into university can mean different things for different people. Some may be scared, some may be excited, for me it was a mix of both. However, it’s been six week since move in day and I’ve been settling in quite nicely.

Starting my blogging journey

This month has been the month of new begins I finally started thinking about my online presences and what my online presence means to me. Click this link if you want to find out more about me

Being independent

As I said before this month has been life changing for me living by myself means taking care of myself and on paper. I did not think it would be hard but being living independently has been learning curve for and having morning routine and an evening routine helps.

Cooking for myself

Moving into university means taking care of myself I’ve always relied on my mum when it comes to the food that I eat so at first cooking for myself everyday was challenge but I now I enjoy being creative in the kitchen and trying new recipes. Click this link for food inspirations

Being healthy

This month I have started making the conscious decision to make better eating / health habits I’ve started taking vitamins and going to the gym which is a step from what I previously done.


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