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4 tips for the perfect desk area

Hello in this blog post I will be giving 4 tips for the perfect desk area

Lets get started

As a university student investing in my room/desk area really helped me have a smooth comfortable day. I still find the thought of online lectures a lil crazy and every day and every day I get excited at the thought of sitting down at my desk, Since we are all currently working at home investing in our space is essential your daily routine may be looking a little different from last year depending on your vocation.

I have really taken the time to think about what I want at my desk area and my room too it obviously has to be practical, be able to hold everything I need but whilst also being a space that I am excited to work in everyday ….

Step 1 ; organization and storage

Organizing your desk is very essential for a smooth study session. The mess is the number one cause for distractions, which is why keeping your desk area clean is so important for staying focused during study sessions. I keep my desk area clean by using pen holders and storage boxes that I bought off amazon.

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Step 2: Pick a colour theme

What does your colour palette say about you do you like pastels, neutrals, warm tones. Choosing the right colour palette is a personal thing. Once you have chosen a colour scheme everything else will fall into place. The first thing that you notice about my room is the colour pink is my aesthetic from the pink vines to my bedroom adding a colour scheme to your room will make it look more cohesive and organised it will also make you feel more like at home.

Step 3: Stick to a general theme

The last tip that I want to give you when it comes to organising your desk is sticking to one theme. There are so many cute stationery items and school supplies out there, so it's hard to only choose one style. Make sure that you pick a style that matches your aesthetic and sticks to it. light pink & rose gold theme with my desk, and I love it. It looks clean, organized and makes me want to study!

Step 4: Something to look at

On the left side of my wall near my desk, I have an album cover wall this idea came to me through tik tok. An album cover wall is a great way to fill up space. Looking at Beyoncé all day is good for my motivation levels too.


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