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Monthly Must Haves: October 2020

Hello friends today's blog posts will be all about h the things I loved in October as I mentioned in my previous blog October has been a pretty life-changing month for me. Today I am going to share a few of the things that made this month a little easier.

I want to take a moment to talk about all the amazon products I have bought Through Tik Tok I have discovered my love-hate relationship with Amazon. Does anyone remember those old infomercials that would continuously play after dark? Well, that is Tik Tok in a nutshell. If you stay on that app for too long you can fall into a dangerous rabbit hole of recommendations ….

Top 5 Online Shopping items

blue light glasses

I recently purchased these blue light glasses because I was having migraines and I heard these help protect your eyes from the screen.

wireless pink mouse

This wireless pink mouse comes in really handy when I'm working from home

Cable organizer

This cable organizer really simplifies my life when I need to charge something with no more tangles and confusion.

phone tripod

This tripod allows me to watch videos in a really easy way when I'm busy cooking or I just cant hold my phone and I want to watch something.


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