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5 Things that lockdown has taught me

5 things that lockdown has taught me

2020 has been a wild year; I must admit that life’s been a little strange. How is everyone doing? I still cannot quite believe how drastically the world change almost overnight. If someone would; have told me back in February, we would be in lockdown by March, because the world would go through a global pandemic and I would have to wear a mask every time I leave my house like batman, I would have called you insane. I never; would have guessed that COVID-19 could affect almost everyone in the world. I think the pandemic has taught us all some lessons though, and I would like to share some of those with you today.

I am stronger than I, think

Back in March, I was kind of worried about the lockdown for so many reasons. College shut so dramatically it was kind of a shock I spent about a week feeling low, worrying and not being very productive. Which, by the way, is completely fine and understandable right now, so definitely do not beat you up if you are feeling that way / have felt that way too. I decided to pick myself I created a daily routine for myself this may sound kind of weird it helped it took me a while to realise I thrive of structure and it helped me on those summer days seemed to last forever. I handled lockdown by taking it day by day.

Gratitude is a given

Learning to be grateful for things that I have helped change my negative mindset. I understand that Practising gratitude can be difficult because sometimes I struggle with it to it is easier said than done. Because we all entitled to our emotions and no one can tell you how to feel. While our feelings are very much valid, it is great to remember what we do have rather than what we do not have.

You can express gratitude through

  1. journaling

  2. Blogging

  3. Daily affirmations

Social distance does not mean we have to dis-connect

Have you ever unexpectedly received a phone call or a text that brightened up your day? If the pandemic taught me anything, it showed me how lucky I was to have a supportive, caring family who I could relate too. Because of COVID-19, I would like to think that we are all socially distancing, this means that our social lives have been dramatically affected as well. That is why staying connected with your family friends and loved ones through the pandemic is a must because you never know what someone is going through.

its never to late to learn a new skill

I knew that I didn’t want to waste my summer and decided to find some new hobbies. One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to start a blog, and thanks to my boredom I did just that,, granted I didn't start my blog in the summer but I did start it because of lockdown. I doubt that I would have done any of these things if we weren’t in lockdown.

As I mentioned, I was worried back in March for so many reasons. I honestly doubted my strength to cope through such a situation. And none of us has dealt with anything like this before have we? My life has changed so much since March with university & my blog being in full effect, I have to remember to take a minute and a breath. Whilst there have certainly been some hard times, I have bounced back and got back on the path to where I want to be.


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